Crystallographica Search-Match

Crystallographica Search-Match 3.1

Performs match-to-match analysis of crystallography data
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Oxford Cryosystems Ltd

Analyze crystallography data in the suite equipped with an engine for match-to-match search capabilities and tools for multi-phase identification of elements according to set parameters. Raw and peak value filters are available. Database creation is possible. PDF card data export is allowed.

Crystallographica-Search Match (CSM) is a search-match program to be used together with the International Centre for Diffraction Data‘s PDF databases.
Main Features:
-Powerful search algorithm for multi-phase identification.
-Lightning-fast search using raw data, peak data or a combination of the two.
-Fully integrated Boolean PDF card retrieval and display.
-User database, with interface to Crystallographica.
-Fully integrated peak search and background subtraction tools..
-Powder pattern simulation, including multi-phase mixtures.
-Reads most common file formats.
-Writes reports directly to Microsoft Word.

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